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Eunelia Logistics

EUNELIA Logistics is the Rwanda leading supplier of replacement parts sourcing from world's most reputed manufacturers of Europe,USA,China.
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Eunelia Logistics
P.O. Box 6096
Nakuru, Rwanda
Tel: 250 78 831 29 29
Tel: 254 512 211 508
Fax: 254 512 217 109
Toyota Rwanda
Toyota Rwanda Limited [TKL] is the sole distributor of Toyota and Yamaha Brands in Rwanda. We are the leading motor vehicle distributor in Rwanda, a position we have held for the past seven years. We offer Vehicle After-Sales Support Services for Toyota Brands and Yamaha Brands Countrywide.
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Toyota Uganda
opposite Nyayo Stadium
P.O. Box 3774
Kigali , Rwanda
Tel: 250 575 220
Tel: 250 575 871
Fax: 250 573 018

























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