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Rwanda Stock Exchange
The Rwanda Stock Exchange Limited was incorporated on 7th October 2005 with the objective of carrying out stock market operations. The Stock Exchange was demutualised from the start as it was registered as a company limited by shares.
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Ecbank Building
5th Floor, Avenue de la Paix
City Centre
P.O. Box 3268
Kigali , Rwanda
Tel: 250 252 575 968
Fax: 254 000
Soras Group
Created in 1984, Soras SA (Société Rwandaise d´Assurances) has been split into three different companies, members of one group. Soras Group: Investment and Service Company headed by MR. Charles MPORANYI, Chairman of the Group. Soras - General Business Ltd: Insurance Company for short term business headed by MR. Marc RUGENERA, General Manager and Board member. Soras - Life Business Ltd: Insurance Company for long term business headed by Jean Enoch HABIYAMBERE, General Manager.
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Soras Group
Soras Building
Avenue de la Jeuriesse
P. O. Box
Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: 250 252 500 062
Tel: 254
Fax: 254
The Capital Market Advisory Council [CMAC]
The Capital Market Advisory Council [CMAC] was established by the Prime Minister’s decree of March 2007, to guide in the development of a capital market in Rwanda. The board of Capital Market Advisory Council consists of 7 non-executive directors representing different interest groups appointed by the Minister of Finance. The board works through periodic board and committee meetings and is answerable to the Minister of Finance.
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5th Floor, Ecobank Building
Avenue de la Paix
P. O. Box 6136
Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: 250 252 500 335
Tel: 254
Fax: 254






















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