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The New Times (Rwanda)

Started in 1995, The New Times Publications SARL is a registered Rwandan private media outlet with hitherto publishes in English. New Times Online is the online edition of The New Times newspaper. It started in 2003. It is one of the most read newspaper website with Rwandan news content. The website basically reflects the content in the print edition, without necessarily translating into 100 percent reproduction of the print edition online.

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New Times (Rwanda)
Immeuble Aigle Blanc
P.O. Box 4953
Kigali , Rwanda
Tel: 250 788 301 166
Tel: 25
Fax: 250


ORINFOR, Office Rwandais d'Information(in French), or Rwanda Information Office (in English) is Rwanda's state-owned media house, the producer of Radio Rwanda,Rwanda Television and two national Newspapers:Imvaho Nshya and la Nouvelle Releve.

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Avenue de la Revolution
Tel: 250 57 57 35
Tel: 254 202
Fax: 204 57 65 39































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