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Kigali City Tower

Sited in a prime location, designed by acclaimed architects and fitted with the highest standards in building technology, Kigali City Tower brings the best standards in mixed-use development to Rwanda. This includes the Nakumatt supermarket and more than 60 other shops. Facilities also include banks, daycare, several restaurants, a Bourbon Coffee, sports and fitness facilities and a movie theatre.

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Kigali City Tower

Avenue Du Commerce

P.O. Box 1284
Kigali , Rwanda
Tel: 250 788 302 099
Tel: 254 203
Fax: 254 000
Libraire Ikirezi Bookshop

Libraire Ikirezi Bookshop is a bookstore, press, multimedia and stationery production and supply company focused on the Africa great lakes region and East Africa in particular.
The Company has a high quality asset base consisting of a couple of bookstores in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, and exploration and development of more bookstores as well as online bookstore presence.

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Libraire Ikirezi Bookshop

Boulevard de l'Umuganda

Kigali , Rwanda
Tel: 250 788 560 358
Tel: 254 203
Fax: 254 000

























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